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Welcome to Stockhemp, your one-stop shop for CBD wholesale in Italy. Our experienced team is committed to providing you with complete logistical service and professionalism at every stage of the deal. We offer not only a wide selection of legal weed genetics, CBD oils, hemp extracts and herbal teas, but also a range of services that accompany the customer every step of the way through the purchasing and shipping process.

Why Choose Our CBD Wholesale?

  • Quality and Varieties: A wide range of legal weed genetics, grown on Italian soil and with a focus on quality.
    Competitive Pricing: Our high quality legal weed is available at the best price on the market.
  • 360-Degree Consulting: Comprehensive support from industry experts in shipping, customs clearance, packaging and distribution.

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How Does Rebranding Work?

In the Products section choose a Lot you wish to rebrand.

Configura il Prodotto con le opzioni disponibili e completa l'ordine sul sito, Invia il tuo Logo con numero d'ordine come oggetto a:

Our designers will process your labels and send you a confirmation document before printing and packaging.

Your product line with your brand will be shipped in 15 working days.

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To view the Prices of our products:

To receive our full price list please fill out the request via Contact Form or via Chat!

    Discover the excellence of CBD Wholesale.

    Contact us now and join those who have chosen the quality and professionalism of Stockhemp.

    Our Commitment to Quality and Transparency.

    Our team consists of CBD industry experts, logisticians, and professional consultants ready to support and guide you through every step of your retail or wholesale purchase.

    We believe in the potential of CBD and are constantly working to raise industry standards and provide tailored solutions for each of our clients.

    For us, quality and transparency are non-negotiable. Every step of our process-from cultivation to distribution-is performed with utmost professionalism and attention to detail, ensuring a superior product and service.


    Ingrosso CBD
    • 100% Natural Cultivation: All our CBD products are derived from hemp grown on Italian soil, without the use of pesticides and harmful chemicals.
    • Reliability and Transparency: We manage every step of the negotiation and logistical process with clarity, ensuring reliable and honest service.

    We in the Stockhemp team believe in and value the enormous potential of our industry and devote all our time and capital to increase its level of organization and professionalism.

    Ingrosso CBD

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Bank Transfer: You can pay by making a direct bank transfer to our corporate account. You will receive via email the bank details once you have completed your Order!

    Payment Card: The transaction takes place through the payment system certificate VivaWallet. Fast, secure and reliable, it accepts all types of credit cards, debit cards or rechargeable cards with anti-fraud protection for our customers. Supports payments up to 1000€..

    Cash on Delivery: Pay your Order directly to the courier at the time of Delivery! Supports Payments up to 200€..

    Stockhemp (unless otherwise specified) evacuates Orders within 48 working hours and ships throughout Italy and Europe via BRT Express Courier, generally shipping times are 2-3 days (3-4 for Sardinia and Sicily) from the time the courier takes charge.

    The costs are 10€/Kg for all Italy, the total shipping costs of your order are verifiable in your cart and checkout!

    IMPORTANT: Please note that your order will not be shipped until the funds have been transferred into our bank account..

    Once the bank transfer has been received, your order will be sent to the express courier as soon as possible.

    Once the shipment is taken care of by the courier, you will receive the following day the “Tracking code” via Mail, the code that will allow you to track the shipment of your order, starting from the early afternoon of the first working day after the order is placed. You can click directly on the code that you find in the email and you will be redirected to the site of the courier with the Tracking Code already inserted.

    Orders placed on Friday will receive the email on the following Tuesday, since the courier takes care of the orders placed on Monday during the weekend.

    Remember that couriers work from Monday to Friday, so we do not receive deliveries on Saturday, Sunday and holidays.

    The products are sealed inside sealed envelopes. All our shipping packaging is anonymous to give total privacy to our customers.

    All products sold on StockHemp are legal for sale in Italy and have all the necessary certifications and analysis to make the product totally legitimate, so we want to report some warnings to avoid running into unpleasant inconveniences and to try to give a clearer information on the possession of our product:

      • Always keep the product safe and never transport it if it is not sealed in its original packaging and with all the documentation of purchase, as you may incur in seizures by the police in order to establish the legitimacy of the product through laboratory analysis. The law enforcement agencies do not have the means and / or technologies that allow them to analyze the product in real time.


    • Always keep out of reach of children.
    • Product not intended for human use or consumption, so any misuse can not be held responsible in any way our website
    • The internal regulation has decided to prohibit the sale to minors under 18 years, buying in the website you declare under your own responsibility to be of age.

    The product is not intended for human consumption.

    We guarantee the traceability and certification of our products along the entire production chain.

    We have decided to select only the organic productions of Cannabis Light cultivated in protected and specially designed indoor environments.
    We constantly analyze every batch of goods and samples that we sell, in every aspect in order to ensure that all products in our marijuana light shop comply with legal limits and do not contain substances that could make the product unsafe.

    It is possible to purchase a 100g batch without requiring VAT No.

    To purchase larger quantities at Wholesale from Stockhemp a VAT Number is required

    You do not have a VAT number ? Do you want to buy more Quality Legal Weed ?

    You can Buy Cannabis Light from our B2C portal.

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