Quality and Reliability

The Project

StockHemp was born from a commercial ideology and many years of experience in the world of hemp and CBD. By using the latter we decided to create a portal created to deal with the purchase and sale of hemp and hemp products in Italy and throughout Europe.

The goal is to assist and bring Hemp Farmers closer to the Digital Trade through a platform that goes beyond the economic and time investments needed to create their own Online Shop, avoiding all the technical and logistical implications that this entails.

Following this logic we have been brought to offer a set of professional services for the commercialization of these products, including a Distribution Network, Technical/Digital Logistics Solutions, Shipments, Technical/Scientific Analysis, Packaging and Enveloping, Communication Packages (Photo, Video and Product Descriptions).
This allows us to enhance the value of your product as it deserves and realize the possibilities of sale to the Italian or foreign end buyer.

How does it work?

Here is how our process of acquisition and marketing of the Lots proposed to us works:

1. Meeting with Producer / Farmer

2. Overall Product Evaluation

3. Technical and scientific analysis

THC/CBD Heavy Metal

4. Creation of Advertising Material

Photographs, Videos and Descriptions

5. Advertisement on our Online Shop

6. Logistic Organization

Online Sale, Shipping to Final Customer

Do you have a product or lot you would like to sell on our website?

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