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We take into consideration only proposals with THC less than 0.5%, the product must be ready for sale and with analysis already performed that we will perform again for counter proof of the validity of the first ones provided by you.

We purchase from minimum quantities of 1 KG, we do not accept proposals for smaller purchases.

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How does it Work?

Contact us using the form above by entering as much information as possible and also attach files such as images, videos and/or documents such as analysis and certifications. Our staff will immediately get in touch with you to give you all the information you need and then find a collaboration agreement between the parties.

The real estimate of the value of each product and always to be quantified on its own, each proposal will be evaluated in detail taking into account various factors, primarily safety and naturalness of products such as the percentage of active ingredient such as CBD and at the same time we find the aesthetic and olfactory appearance of the product.

There are several factors that determine the price of Cannabis so we can draw up a price only after having seen the products and only and exclusively after agreements between the parties. We will certainly find a compromise for each proposal, please fill out the form below to be contacted as soon as possible.