CBD Isolate 99%

We extract isolated CBD by using CO2 and ethanol as solvents. This product is ideal for making oils and other derivatives. We can custom formulate the use of this product based on your requirements. In addition, we also offer services such as bottling, labelling, packaging and dropship.

CBD Isolated is one of the most versatile and distinct forms of CBD. It is a great option for those who want to reap the therapeutic benefits. This isolate is a crystalline powder that includes 99 percent pure CBD. An extraction process is used to remove all active compounds from hashish. This is followed by a refining process where the extract undergoes a winterisation and decarboxylation step after which it will undergo a purification step by means of a chromatographic purification step.


Using isolated CBD

There are different ways of using CBD isolate. It can be taken sublingually where the product can be applied under the tongue. It is absorbed by the entry of increases and mucous membranes into the bloodstream directly. It provides fast relief as it avoids the digestive system.

Another way to use CBD isolate is by formulating it in topicals or as an oil. This will give you the comfort you need when using the product. We are a private label manufacturer and white. Choose the product and the formulation and we will do it for you. We also take care of labelling and packaging. We manage the testing and certification process of formulated products for our customers.

Estimated delivery time: 20 working days