Cheese Clone


Selection: Carmagnola
Development: Compact
Average height: 150 cm.
Blossoming: 7/8 weeks Bud Intense
Average dry yield: 80/100gr

18000 in stock

Plants in seed pots

Rooted plants in jiffy block 44mm, in seed pot of 40-45 alveoli, height including substrate cake (4cm) 16-25 cm, with minimum 6 leaf stages, well rooted, already acclimatized, READY TO BE STORED,
minimum order 600 specimens.

Vegetative development

Recommended for good performance:

end of May / mid-July

Planting Pattern:
every 80cm with irrigated field.

Plants are propagated at Dutch greenhouse nurseries and then transferred to Danish Jiffy Block trays with 44 mm diameter.

Seedlings are supplied rooted and pre-planted, ready for transfer to open field. Plants are supplied well formed for effective propagation in soil and to ensure: strength at the start, successful development and maximum yield.