Lemon Haze



Lemon Haze is one of the first genetics to have obtained thisstrongly distinctive note of lemon fragrance with strong citrus notes.  Its name recalls the famous varieties that have been used to create this extraordinary type of legal herb, distinctly aromatic and very powerful: Citral and Skunk. Lemon Haze has also confirmed its value by winning several international awards.

Terpenic Values


Lemon Haze: characteristics, fragrance and taste.

The inflorescences are light green with tiny, dense hairs and orange veins. They are candle-shaped, entirely set with orange stigmas and coated with a myriad of resin glands. They even seem to have been sprinkled with a very special icing sugar because of the considerable amount of resin present!

To the taste, these flowers give off a flavor very similar to what the aroma is on an olfactory level, but more prone to lemon and with a stronger note of Haze fragrance.

The taste of the Lemon Haze, in fact as we said is a very sweet and very pronounced lemon flavor, with different undertones of orange, lemongrass, lime, sandalwood and cedarwood. It is perfect for those who prefer sweet varieties.

To the palate

The citrus notes of Lemon Haze are even stronger than the smell of smoke.They are truly fragrant flowers… as you bring the flowers from the container to your nose, the room will literally be flooded with scents of lemon, berries, lime and vanilla. The scent is so tasty that you almost want to taste a top of it!

This is another reason why Lemon Haze stands out as one of the sweetest and most aromatic varieties available on the market and is also a preferred by those who love sweet and strong flavors and scents.


This variety is indeed very famous for itsmultifaceted qualities at the level of scent, taste but also effects. Such a glorious profile seduces and conquers any lover of cannabis… from the beginner to the greatest connoisseur.

The variety is very famous for its multifaceted qualities.