White Widow



Among the most famous and beloved marijuana strains in the world, White Widow is becoming very popular in the legal cannabis scene! If you ask a consumer, even an inexperienced one, to name a few qualities of cannabis, they will surely name the magical “White Widow” in the top five, especially those who have tried it! The White Widow in fact, you never forget! This quality of cannabis is pure power, causing a disruptive, intense, euphoric high that numbs the mind and body, while maintaining a light, sweet and lovable taste. White Widow is a deluxe quality, that’s why we chose to offer it as a legal cannabis version with high CBD!

Terpenic Values


White Widow: features, smell and taste.

Our White Widow develops large, dense buds! They are recognizable by their pale green coloration and thick coating of whitish-orange trichomes, sometimes even enveloping the outer leaves of the bud.  The flowers of this legal cannabis are medium to large in size with a shape that remains swollen and rounded at the base and tapered towards the tip. The slow drying and humidification process they undergo ensures that the CBD concentration reached is optimal for this light cannabis flower.

To the palate

The White Widow is not only famous and unmistakable for its “high”, the other characteristics that have made it famous and recognizable among all, are its fantastic sweet aroma and its soft and enveloping taste. The sensation of sweetness is predominant and it is the first one to be perceived, but immediately after it gives way to spicy notes that leave a sparkling but sugary aftertaste. The smell of this quality, even in the legal cannabis version, is quite impregnating and sweet and stands out even from a distance!