Harlequin is a medium to large flower, very compact, with a very pronounced flavor and aroma, with clear notes of hazelnut, the sweetness of citrus and tropical wood.

This is a descendant of Colombian Gold, an indica variety from Nepal and Thai and Swiss ecotypes. A plant now grown in Italy, its sweet, syrupy scent makes it unmistakable.

It’s a descendant of Colombian Gold, an indica variety from Nepal and Thai and Swiss ecotypes.We are probably not exaggerating, in fact, when we say that Harlequin is one of the best qualities we have ever had in stock!

Terpenic Values


Harlequin: characteristics, aroma and taste.

The buds are round and very compact, the taste is full and dry, the aroma is really pleasant, with more citrus and spicy tones.

Plant with a strong and branched structure, the flowers are auburn and its leaves are medium green with pistils ranging in color from orange to bright red, the buds are typically covered in sticky white trichomes.

The buds have a musky odor with hints of flowers and are remembered for their unmistakable scent and flavor reminiscent of hazelnut.

Rich in terpenes and perfumed resins, Harlequin is a variety that is particularly appreciated by those who love particular and elaborate flavors.

Cultivated indoors, very aromatic even before the flowering period, which occurs on average over 8 weeks and a half, to reach its peak approximately in early October.

It is curious that the fact that Harlequin is a variety that has a very high yield and a very long flowering period.It is curious that Harlequin, being an international flower, is a real “patchwork” a cross between Colombian, Thai, Swiss and Nepalese varieties.

It is precisely these mixed genetics that somehow give us the explanation of the origin of the name of the strain (really curious and original!). “Harlequin” originally referred precisely to the brightly colored costumes of Harlequin, a typically Italian carnival character.