The flavors and aromas of BubbleGum can be easily summarized in its very name. This is because it releases particular aromatic fragrances which are very sweet and fruity, with pungent and decidedly pleasant nuances. In fact, it took many generations to produce a BubbleGum that could finally be defined as stable, as it could guarantee in every production the characteristic sweet smell and taste.

Terpenic Values


BubbleGum: characteristics, scent and taste.

BubbleGum gives off distinctive and very composite flavors when smoked, leaving a pleasant aftertaste in the mouth. These sensations are further enhanced by notes of chewing gum, spice, fruit and bitter fragrances and earthy notes.

When they burn, the flowers release a very special multitude of different flavors, with scents of mint, grapefruit, strawberry, basil, thyme, flowers and nectar.

This special combination of flavours and smells makes BubbleGum an outstanding choice for cannabis connoisseurs interested in every aspect of marijuana, from its flavour profile to its effects.

BubbleGum inflorescences are immediately characterized by an intense and pungent scent. Her fragrance and bubblegum taste make her a fantastic plant and a real treat!

BubbleGum is a medium height plant, usually without too many branches, that produces compact buds covered with crystals, with an incredible sweet scent. This specific type of inflorescence is bright and compact and tends almost to orange.

This is a Sativa-dominant hybrid, developed through various cannabis selections by crossing Power Plant and Santa Maria. Although it has a strong Sativa background, it falls into the fast-flowering category, offering dense buds in a period of just 8-9 weeks.
It finds its origins in the States, and more specifically in Indiana, where a group of growers first produced it and introduced it to the market. From there, BubbleGum later spread to New England and, later, to Holland.