A world first in Cannabis hybridization, Therapy represents a great progress in the therapeutic use of cannabis. It is the first seed offered on the market with very high CBD content and low THC concentration. The Therapy cannabis strain does not come from hemp, but from strains commonly used for recreational purposes. The genetic heritage of this hybrid is very well balanced, with 50% indica genes and 50% sativa genes.

Terpenic Values


Therapy: characteristics, smell and taste.

What distinguishes this plant from others is its extremely low THC content, which is even lower than 0.5%. CBD, on the other hand, can reach peaks of 13%. The ideal ratio that some Therapy phenotypes are able to produce is 20:1 (CBD:THC). Therapy is a truly revolutionary strain for both growers and users!

If you are one of those who do not want to get high on cannabis that contains stratospheric THC values, this is definitely the bud variety for you. With Therapy you can simply find a cure for your ailments without having any problems related to getting high, while remaining operational and functional.

If you fall into this category of users, we strongly recommend that you consider trying Therapy.

This variety has not only fundamental and important therapeutic effects, useful for many patients, but it is also particularly rich in flavors.

From an organoleptic point of view, Therapy has a very interesting terpene profile, with delicious fruity and sweet notes with earthy and truffle nuances.

It is very light with thick and areose buds. The aromas of this variety are varied and complex, also containing fruit, flowers, kiwi, nectarine, raspberry, sweetish berries, blackberry, cranberry and blackberry and much more. The flavor of this variety is particularly intense and impressive, at least as much as its aroma is. Your taste buds are completely enveloped in different shades of mint, hash, maple, lemongrass, citrus, clove, dill and blackberry.